Deep Blue Boogaloo

Below is a trailer for the game Deep Blue Boogaloo. I worked with a fellow friend and former classmate from another game project - Dialect Effect on his team's game. My job was to animate all cycles for the pirate captain. I got to make him drunkenly wobble, wave his arm signaling a new shipment of rum, and animated a general breathing idle cycle. Deep Blue Boogaloo was also a finalist in the Rookies Competition, and won Best Game Promo Video at SCAD's entelechy 2017 thanks to the efforts of Lauren Saffy, Harrison Eilers, and Valentina Hawes. I had a blast doing the animations on this project and it was a ton of fun.


During Winter 2017, I applied and was chosen to participate in a collaborative effort to create an educational Virtual Reality Video Game. I was mainly responsible for helping to brainstorm and animate sequences and loops for the main character, but I also worked on modeling and texturing character props, and texturing her skin and eyes.

This was one of the most amazing projects I have been a part of at SCAD. Not only did I gain new skills and experience, but also got to work with many other incredibly talented artists across many different fields and backgrounds such as UI/UX designers, game artists, and many more. The game won People's Choice Award in the Rookies competition, and was the runner up in the Game of the Year category. Below is a demo of the game being played.